About us

The Project Expertise and Fire Safety Companies Association (PEGSIA) unites companies engaged in construction project expertise and fire safety design and consulting activities. The association represents and promotes the interests of its members in public institutions and aims to raise the prestige of experts and fire safety engineers in the society.

The expertise of construction projects and buildings as well as the fire safety is regulated by the Law on Construction of the Republic of Lithuania, Government resolutions, the orders of the Minister of Environment and the Director of Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania. Therefore, the principal social partners of the PEGSIA are the Ministry of Environment and the Fire and Rescue Department; however, PEGSIA also cooperates with Lithuanian Builders Association, the Lithuanian Association of Civil Engineers and other associate structures.

In cooperation with the authorities, PEGSIA submits the necessary legislative amendments or provides its opinion on the amendments of the legislation under preparation.

The Association seeks to establish the highest possible responsibility of the project and fire safety experts in complex construction processes so that decisions affecting human well-being and even their life could only be made by professionals of highest qualification working in companies which have insured their business.

Furthermore, PEGSIA summarizes information on construction processes collected by its members and, together with its recommendations, submits the data to competent authorities.

The Association has prepared the concept of Fire Safety as the essential requirement for structures. The work was performed under the order of the Fire and Rescue Department. The preparation of the concept was carried out in two stages. In the first stage, the analysis of the research and standardisation of fire safety level in other countries was conducted, as well as the standardisation strategy and principles of essential fire safety requirement for structures. The second stage included the analysis and improvement of the standardisation system, suggestions for fire safety level, methods for its evaluation, analysis and control, and conclusions and recommendations. On this basis, the Fire and Rescue Department approved regulations under the name of Essential Fire Safety Requirements.

The members of PEGSIA working in the field of fire safety have a substantial experience: they perform sophisticated fire safety calculations, risk assessment, the assessment of fire resistance of metal and other constructions and consultations during renovation (modernisation) of buildings. The experts of the Association have inspected technical designs and technical working designs of the largest shopping centres, public buildings, main roads, a number of 110 kV substations and electricity transmission networks and other objects.

When Lithuania was considering the possibilities of building Visaginas nuclear power plant (VAE), representatives of PEGSIA participated in all conferences and seminars on the preparations for the construction of VAE that took place in Vilnius and now they aim to participate in the design and construction process.

PEGSIA is a non-profit organisation of limited liability. It is liable for its obligations to the extent of all its assets from which the liabilities may be recovered as regulated by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. PEGSIA is not responsible for obligations assumed by the members of association; the members have full independence and the rights of legal persons.

PEGSIA was established in 1999; now it unites 11 companies and one scientific institute operating in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and Telšiai.